Saturday, August 16, 2008

Holiday Time At Sastra :)


Holiday at Sastra?? Dudes...its the rarest thing which we experience.And unfortunately,Yes!!!
Its holiday time here. As my native is very far from here,i thought of visitng some hill statios or some pilgrimage centres,but ...Naaa.!! Wanted to sleep and keep bloggin out stuff here..Am enjoying my holidays here too,Just missing my friends a lot and also a lot of fun. Ahhh...we are getting some good food here ..happy for that.

But still whenever my eyes fall on the Maggi Maker,i start preparing maggi and gobble it.
Yesterday i had a diffrent dish of maggi...and guess what?? It was awesome. I added some cordimom leaves,tomato slices,banana slices nad the taste was "Mmmmmm....".

And the main thing is that,today its Rakshabandhan and am missing my home and my sisters a lot :(
And dudes..all hostels here have became graveyards these days.You find rarely a guy roaming here and there as a """Ghost""".

Anyways,my university and its hostel's surroundings Roxxx...hmm..What??

Yeah...i've to say it....!!!

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