Saturday, August 16, 2008 ... :)

Sachin Tendulkar..the master blaster !
He has developed so many fans in this world ,which i think no other personality will be having. He is a gem for all.No matter how he plays,no body thinks or indicates that he dint play well.
And watch out here...we have such great fans in our country that they buy and run a website on Sachin and his Heroics.Tendulkar requires no defending.

Like all great sportsmen, his figures speak for themselves. Like all great performers, he has lasted a long time and produced many staggering innings, so many that they tend to be taken for granted. But remove him from the Indian team and see how naked it looks! Tendulkar is worth more even than the runs he has scored.

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Nitish said...

Hey Thanks for writing abt SACHINISM we absolutely adore him