Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Happy Birthday "Google"...

Wanna know the place where google started in this tech-tik world??

From humble beginnings in a garage in California's Menlo Park,for $1700 a month,the company is now one of the most recognised brands in the world. It boasts annual revenues of nearly $17bn (£9bn), profits of roughly $5bn (£2bn), growth of 35% and a worldwide workforce of over 19,000 full time employees.

Today it controls around 40% of online advertising as well as 70% of search. Its suite of products is ever expanding and this week it launched its own internet browser called Chrome to compete with Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Mozilla's Firefox.

Google is not alone in invisibly structuring its operations so it can collect more and more information and data about all of us and deliver our online behaviour to a growing list of advertisers and fatten the Google bank account.

The world is no longer at Google's feet and looking at the launch of Chrome there was a real deep scrutiny of the product and Google's motives which resulted in a change to the wording of its end user licence.

I first used Google in 2000 or 2001 for some work,which i dont remember.I never thought it would be anything like it is today.

Google is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.Google’s billionaire founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin want to celebrate this year in a style.

Hats Off to Google...

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Singh Is Kinng...

After Manmohan Singh became the Prime Minister of India, there has been always many jokes and rumours flowing around in India between him and Sonia Gandhi.

A recent movie was released starring Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif named "SINGH IS KINNG".

Its running successfully all over India despite many ups and downs in the Punjabi culture.

And now the movie is dubbed in the Parliament type view with the same title but featuring Manmohan Singh
and Sonia Gandhi.

Director-L K Advani

Producer-Congress :)

Ufffff.....Another Joke added to his life....

Poor Manmohan!!! Pity him...

Wagah Border...

Interested in seeing the impressive daily ritual of the Flag-hoisting and Flag-lowering ceremonies at Pakistan-India border?? It is worth travelling on G.T. (Grand Trunk) Road for 29 km (18 miles) to Wagah, which is a border crossing between Lahore and Amritsar in India.

The Flag-lowering ceremony, which takes place before sunset is particularly interesting. It is performed by active and smartly turned out Pakistani and Indian soldiers and receives spontaneous applause from the audience from both sides gathered to watch the ceremony.

The ritual comprises a handshake between the captains of the two countries, followed by a battle of angered looks, stomping with vigor to show military strength. The blowing of trumpets and the march past add to the colorful ceremony. It is a unique and thrilling event much enjoyed by people who come from long distances to view it.

Is INDIA Really Independent...???

Whether India is really independent ???

Why such question !

" We hoist our National Flag whithin a circle that is surrounded by bullet proof glass, armed security guards,army personal,strict vigil etc." So, is it that real independence which we proudly celebrate even after 61 years of 15.08.1947 !!!


Still we fear of the terrorist attacks that may cause our Independence Day into a Death Day...

We can still hoist our nation's flag with pride and honour without security if we really feel that we true Indians can lay down our lives for our mother country whatever may be the situation. We all friends,relatives,near and dear speak about doing something which makes our nation proud,so why not this???

INDIA is our motherland and live without any fear for being independent and thus making the soul of freedom fighters and the great martyrs who gave up their lives in many battles fought for our country in peace .

Freedom is not a Right but a Feeling!
Let's be proud to feel the Freedom!
Let's say loud we are INDIANS!!!

Let all of us get to-gather &
Let's Celebrate Our Freedom!
It is our duty to preserve this Freedom!
Carry this forward to the future!
We did,We do,We will do!!!

Set the celebration on Air, Share your Joy, You're Free to do it.

VANDE MATARAM..................

Friends , whoever read this article,please comment on it. Thank You...

Holiday Time At Sastra :)


Holiday at Sastra?? Dudes...its the rarest thing which we experience.And unfortunately,Yes!!!
Its holiday time here. As my native is very far from here,i thought of visitng some hill statios or some pilgrimage centres,but ...Naaa.!! Wanted to sleep and keep bloggin out stuff here..Am enjoying my holidays here too,Just missing my friends a lot and also a lot of fun. Ahhh...we are getting some good food here ..happy for that.

But still whenever my eyes fall on the Maggi Maker,i start preparing maggi and gobble it.
Yesterday i had a diffrent dish of maggi...and guess what?? It was awesome. I added some cordimom leaves,tomato slices,banana slices nad the taste was "Mmmmmm....".

And the main thing is that,today its Rakshabandhan and am missing my home and my sisters a lot :(
And dudes..all hostels here have became graveyards these days.You find rarely a guy roaming here and there as a """Ghost""".

Anyways,my university and its hostel's surroundings Roxxx...hmm..What??

Yeah...i've to say it....!!!

LEGAL Milestone For OpenSource..

Advocates of open source software have hailed a court ruling protecting its use even though it is given away free.

The US federal appeals court move overturned a lower court decision involving free software used in model trains that a hobbyist put online.

The court has now said conditions of an agreement called the Artistic Licence were enforceable under copyright law. Legal experts have said the distinction is important since under federal copyright law a plaintiff can seek statutory damages and can be more easily granted an injunction than under contract law.

The ruling has implications for the Creative Commons licence which offers ways for work to go into the public domain and still be protected. These licenses are widely used by academic organisations like MIT for distributing coursework, scientific groups, artists, movie makers and Wikipedia among others.

Gloss @ Wiki ...

Gloss at Sastra has always been a wonder. But does anyone rememberthat Gloss page was also created at Wikipedia. GLOSS conducts many seminars and workshops every month in which many interested students of SASTRA University learn about various open source products and exchange knowledge and ideas.Gloss is highly acknowledged even by Sun Microsystems.

This is one of the most happening club at Sastra.Myself, being the Co-ordinator for Promotion Wing of this Club,request my friends to give up some time for posting new upcomings at WIKI too...WELCOME TO TOMORROW!!!

Gloss at Wikipedia can by reached by the following link: ... :)

Sachin Tendulkar..the master blaster !
He has developed so many fans in this world ,which i think no other personality will be having. He is a gem for all.No matter how he plays,no body thinks or indicates that he dint play well.
And watch out here...we have such great fans in our country that they buy and run a website on Sachin and his Heroics.Tendulkar requires no defending.

Like all great sportsmen, his figures speak for themselves. Like all great performers, he has lasted a long time and produced many staggering innings, so many that they tend to be taken for granted. But remove him from the Indian team and see how naked it looks! Tendulkar is worth more even than the runs he has scored.

Get you own Sachin Widget @ SACHINISM.COM

Tired , Irritated , Bored to the core ....Uuuuff..

This is turning out to be a bad bad month. I thought the last month was lousy but then this one comes along and takes the cake. Now, despite whatever little savings I had, I am paying a tiny fortune as tax. I spent my whole weekend running around trying to get my stuff in order and I had no time for relaxation. God I'm whining now.

Fine... talking about something positive..... DAMN! There ain't anything positive about this bloody month. I have some dumbclasses coming up from monday again.Being able to finish work soon will be a boon. Yeah, this may be a good start to the new month.May be i will have a good days at least in september!!!
Have to wait and watch on & on & on...

The Demographic Shift...Social Networks!

As a society, we are entering an increasingly narcissistic phase, enabled by web technologies — a theory that is articulated in Wired’s recent cover story. As the Wired writer quips, “Like it or not, we are all public figures now — famous, as the new cliché goes, for 15 people.”

The evolution of blogging platforms needs to match these societal and demographic changes. I think folks who are blogging now (no, not just tech bloggers) are different from some of us early bloggers — they use different tools and services and have different views of sharing. In many ways MySpace and Facebook have changed what is OK, and what is not OK online.

With that as a sub-text, it is good to see the blogging systems start to evolve. Kudos to Six Apart for making the first major move. Suddenly, blogging tools are more fun — and social.

YES!!! Wireless Electricity ...

For years I've been arguing with people that it is possible when they
claimed it isn't. I had nothing to back my claims but hey...

YES! Now commercialize it.. and start with the cancer studies.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Bored and hungry???

Its what happens with me..whenever i feel bored ..i feel hungry too!
I like too cook rather than to buy some packy stuff and gobble it...
what can i do in hostel?? Yeah.... MAGGI??? Yes...of course i do that!

I prepare maggi within minutes nad gobble it up..and when i told my parents about this they were shocked...they had a strange question(which i dont wanna share).

But ultimate answer was...Nothing is Impossible in thie earth and that too in hostel??
We have broken 100's and 1000's of rules and regulations... :)

17:00:00 hrs-13th Aug'08 at VV...

This was the time we got into Daksh'09...
Was fun and frolic all around! I was in vidyut vihar auditorium at the launch and the main thing i was excited for was ....guess!!

It was launched through my Laptop...was feeling great and it was again Sunshine at Sastra..dont know how my seniors took time for creating such a wonderful site this time!
But hats off to them...

1 thing i can remember from my instituion was that i had some excellent seniors with me..

We had a review of the video "Daksh 08 makin" just before the start...& it was like a "wwwwoooooowwwwhhhh" in the audience.....

Really....Daksh Roxxx.....

Daksh'09 - "Experience Engineering"


Wwwoooo....the name raises me to cloud 9!
Guys..Daksh is back,not with "Innate" this time but with "Experience".

Yeah .............the countdown has started for one of the largest tech fest's in south India...

The website has been launched! ..

3...nopes! 5 cheers to Sastra University...
and guess what..the website is too kewl....