Tuesday, June 14, 2011

That Evening of 2010 ... [Dont remember the day and month]

Dada, Ek Vadaa-Pav dena ...

"6 rupees only."

After a day off at office and was at a vadaa-pav centre for some refreshment.
As I scrounge my pocket battling for those 6 rupees, I watch them walking towards me (or) the shop. As time passed by, everyone picked up a vadaa-pav from dada's center. I wouldn't call them my closest friends, let alone, may be best buddies for some point of time. They're those people in my friends zone who come with no emotional entanglement, no long facebook chat messages, no erratic phone calls at 12 in the night post depression session or may be during bithdays, yet they do have an important place in my life. May be sometime of m life, I may miss 'em, a lot.. but as you know everything is fair in love, war and friendship. They probably wont stay after the completion of this vadaa-pav, or may be somewere in near future and even if they do, our pragmatic relationship will not be touched, coz by far thats obvious in today's modern era, or so called "our generation".

We sit down on the roadside together on the couch, all of us looking at the buzz-town boys and girls smoking or chattering across the road. The crowd is chaotic as usual out here as though they got lost midway after a party or while returning from a live match from the stadium. I find it almost funny that we sit there in silence amidst them and let out a giggle and someone, a hiccup.

Lost in some thought or something else, the others don't notice and I don't mention. I then started refreshing my mind for what to do next if at all a sentence called - "what's next" exists. 20 mins pass and the crowd seems to have dissipated to a lesser number.

Suddenly, all of us look at each other and realize the same thing. "Wow, we forgot to speak all the time we were at the refreshment centre. Infact everyone were lost in their own life, thinking what to do next or whatever".

Suddenly, a small whispering sound comes from the middle of us. "Yeah, chalo be. Let's go. I was thinking, I kept on wandering what must have made all of us to remain in silent for that span of time. But as I look back, the time has flew away. I can't find anything on that topic, except some moments to be remembered."

I don't remember anything what happened after this moment on that evening nor did I ask any of my buddies what they did after reaching home, but as distinctly as happened, that day I decided that these chaps (or) fellows (or) buddies, came a step closer in my friend zone and had been promoted from being just daaru buddies to maybe, better daaru buddies.

Cheers to those who made my life wonderful that evening, Cheers for our friendship.
They were Tanmay Vankalas, Vishal Budhawant, Ajai Pal Singh and Ankit Goyal.

"Thats what a friend is for, when your lost in darkness and searching for the light, to help you through those lonely nights, when everything around you fails just hold out your hand, and i'll come running, thats what a friend is for." - Marty Keith

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