Monday, June 13, 2011

Captured Moments of The Past :|

It rained yesterday evening and the smell of wet muddy soil and crisp air overwhelms me. It takes me back in time, when it was all so complicated, simple and pure. It takes me back to school, my drive on my bicycle to school, my hostel, to the long walks from the dinning hall, to the Maggi parties and bathroom water fights. The walks lit by the moon, the misty mornings where I woke up to the voice of hostel warden shouting at somebody, hoping to squeeze out an extra minute(s) and dancing to the latest song played on my laptop at any time of the day or night. There are so many such memories I would like to forever and ever keep in my arms and visit in times like these.

I closed my eyes and random images pass by. Of faces, places and moments. They start of in a random order then go on to suddenly spin around and come together. It is mysterious and at the same time magical. I would trade anything asked for if I could just go back for a few seconds to those sandy paths, those flowering trees and those familiar faces. The warmth, compassion and sincerity of relationship. The passage and stillness of time and memories. The everything of everything.

I was chatting with a junior yesterday and we spoke about our hostel lives. The ice breaking session, the freshers performance, the clothes people wore, the morning ramp walk in the dinning hall, the faces turning sour on seeing the Idly and what not.

As much as I tell myself that I have moved on and that is the past. It will never leave me and deep down I never want it to. It is a treasure trove of memories, some of which make life worth living.

Boys Hostel. Kitchen. Four Rooms. Bed. Chair. Coffee. Her. Moonlight terrace nights. Music. I miss everything and everything.

Us and Them.
Then I remember, its life, you have to move on and on and on :)
Someone truly said - Life changes from hell to heaven and vice-versa in a flash.

Note - This is a very abrupt post written in a flash. It may not be that good. Sorry :)

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