Sunday, February 9, 2014

Ride for Support - The Marriott Run!

Prem Joseph, the Director of Sales and Marketing at Hyderabad Marriott, flagged off his journey on 6th December, 13 on his amazing Royal Enfield Classic 500 to cover all the Marriott hotels in India. So Prem had this amazing route on his mind. Delhi-Chandigarh-Jaipur-Bhopal-Ahmedabad-Mumbai and then reach Pune, and head ahead. This ride was for a cause. A cause to raise funds for Marriott Home. Marriott Home is an orphanage run by the Marriott Group in collaboration with the Rising Star. Prem had to cover a total of 6000+ km for this in a span of 14-15 days. After visiting all the Marriott cities, he would finally ride to Marriott Home with Ankush to hand over the collected funds.

It was a pleasant Saturday evening, and me along with fellow bikers had an honor to meet Prem at JW Marriott, Pune. We greeted Prem with a bouquet, having a caption, 'Ride Safe, Ride Hard'. That's the caption which we bikers follow when we thump on the road with our beasts. Me, Sourabh Sane, Urvashi Patole, Krishna, Sumit Burman were really honored to interact with Prem over coffee at PBC. The whole concept was to understand the concept of the ride, the itinerary, the cause and moreover, biking tips and stories. We shared many stories of our trips, the ups and downs, but mostly had a common thing, hungry for much more miles. Prem shared his ride from Delhi to Pune, the ups and downs he faced, the help he got, amazing! We fellow bikers told Prem the best route for his onward trip to Goa, Bangalore, Cochin and ahead as we had already covered that route. Wolfe Pack India along with The Bikerni had a great time with Prem Joseph. Wish we had more time to be there and talk more, because bikers have endless stories to share with. Indeed, was an amazing evening. 

2 wheels, 1 engine, 0 limits. That's what we bikers share in common. 

Lastly, I just want to share that we lost our dear friend Sumit Burman, a week later in an accident, who was a part of this meet with Prem Joseph. Our heart goes out to the family. He was the most disciplined biker we fellow bikers have ever seen.

                                         In Pic, Urvashi, Sourabh, Krishna, Prem, Sumit

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