Sunday, May 10, 2009

Referee - Death Threats !!!

Norwegian official Tom Henning Ovrebo has been smuggled out of England after fears for his safety, coz he received many death threats.

Tom Henning Ovrebo was confronted by several Blues players, most notably Didier Drogba and Michael Ballack, following the game after the west London club were dumped out of the competition, seeing Barca entering into the UCL finals scheduled to be held on may 27 at Rome. Having failed to award Chelsea a penalty during the match, of which there were around three or four separate claims, the Norwegian has apparently become a target of a hate campaign from the club's supporters.Drogba turned towards the ref and put his face just three or four inches from the ref’s face and kept shouting. He told the ref, ‘This is a f***ing disgrace, you don’t have respect, something like that can’t happen. You can’t do that. Ballack even tried to abuse the referee , but came back in to the pitch in order to escape.

Now a last wish ..Barcelona ought to be thrashed by Manchester United with a big margin ! Glory Glory Manchester United !


Sir VELA said...

Well.....first of all on a serious note, being an avid football watcher and a big fan (read fanatic) what happened to Chelsea was not justice. Hope you agree with me. The reaction which came put were just emotions. :)

On a lighter note, did your wish of Barcelona being trashed by Manchester United come true? :P

P.S : I haven't posted a comment earlier than this because I did get to read your post earlier. And, hope you take the comments in a lighter sense. :)


Yes i do that ..
and prayed than MANUTD wins against. .and it happened tough too..